2.2.2 Manage Company Specs

Spec Manager is a great tool for setting up a master specification list for the work that your company performs.  It also provides a way to apply cost/phase codes to each phase of work so material, labor and other project related costs can be tracked throughout the life of the project.  The Spec Manager allows users with appropriate permissions to set up and manage the company specs in a single centralized platform.  Users with project level permissions can import the necessary specs into each project to set the Project Log and Budget more quickly. Spec Manager is easy to use, secure, flexiable and can be set up easily.

Objective of the Article:

  1. Introduce Company Specs
  2. Configure the Company Specs

Things to Remember

  • Only users with permission to manage (add, edit, delete) Company specs can make changes to the Spec Manager.
  • Spec Manager changes are made at the company level.
  • Project Spec changes are made at the project level.
  • Changes at the company level won't change items imported to a project.
  • Upon initial set up, the Company Spec list is empty.
  • Items can be imported into the Company Spec from the Master CSI list.
  • The items added to the Company Spec will improve the ease of use when setting up new projects.

Introduction to Company Specs

The Company Spec is a master list of company specific items that can be imported into projects to save time and standardize processes.


Select Admin Settings

 RADAR Admin Settings

Select Manage Specs

Manage Specs

 Company Master Spec is displayed.

Company Master Specs

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  • 22-Jun-2016