TriBuild Construction Management Support Options

TriBuild CM's support team is always working to help our clients by answering questions via phone and email. Our Support Team wants to answer all your questions so you can get back to work.  

After logging in, users have access to the support options associated with your account.

  • Support questions and issues are tracked when they come in as well as the length of time it takes to answer questions and solve issues.
  • Customer Staff Users have the option to send an email or place a phone call for technical support. Non-Staff Users can send emails to our support team.
  • To learn about features and troubleshoot specific issues, all users have access to our ever-growing, comprehensive Knowledge Base that is available inside the TriBuild CM application.
  • All users can reach us with any TriBuild CM issues they are experiencing.

Our Support Team work through Monday to Friday.  On holidays support is limited to email service only.

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  • 23-May-2019